Practice Areas

Constitutional and Civil Rights Litigation

One of our unique specialities is the practice of constitutional and civil rights law. We trained under some of the nation’s top experts in constitutional law, and clerked for U.S. federal court judges, where we confronted constitutional and civil… Read More

Complex Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice Litigation

We handle all types of complex tort matters, from class and mass actions to high-stakes cases on behalf of individuals who have been seriously injured by a defective product or by another’s negligent or willful conduct. We bring a deep understandin… Read More

Business Litigation and Guidance

Businesses of all sizes look to us for creative solutions to their most pressing problems. Prior to founding the Block Firm, we trained under and litigated against some of the most prominent lawyers in the country to successfully prosecute and defend… Read More

Appellate Advocacy

Winning in litigation is not always a straight line, but we know the different routes to success. We specialize in a creative, sophisticated, and fresh approach to federal and state appeals. We practiced under some of our country’s most renowned ap… Read More