Constitutional and Civil Rights Litigation

One of our unique specialities is the practice of constitutional and civil rights law. We trained under some of the nation’s top experts in constitutional law, and clerked for U.S. federal court judges, where we confronted constitutional and civil rights litigation as a matter of course. We know how to employ constitutional arguments to shape the environment in which our individual and corporate clients operate, and we know how to use the arsenal of civil rights laws to help individuals who have been wronged by government misconduct. We have successfully litigated claims on behalf of individuals and companies on issues ranging from 42 U.S.C. § 1983 actions for violation of the individual Bill of Rights; to First Amendment free speech and commercial speech; to violations of Title IX, which prohibits discimination on the basis of sex in an educational setting; to violation of the Dormant Commerce Clause, prohibiting discrimination in interstate and international commerce; to habeas corpus and other constitutional issues in the criminal and immigration settings.

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